How to Uninstall and Remove Google Drive From Your PC 

Need to uninstall Google Drive from your PC? Maybe you would rather not use Google Drive any longer or have to reinstall it to fix an issue.

Google Drive versus Reinforcement and Sync Before we make sense of how for uninstall Google Drive from your PC, 

we ought to specify that the work area application for Google Drive has gone through a couple names.

Instructions to Disconnect Google Drive From Your Computer

Before you totally erase Google Drive from your PC, you ought to separate your ongoing machine from your Drive account. 

This is likewise a helpful independent step if you would rather not completely eliminate the Google Drive application yet.

To disengage Google Drive, you'll have to open the product. Be that as it may, looking for it won't work, as this simply runs the application. 

All things being equal, you'll have to click its symbol when the application is running.

Uninstall Google Drive on a Windows PC To eliminate Google Drive from Windows, you'll simply have to uninstall it like some other program. 

On the two Windows 10 and Windows 11, open Settings (utilizing the Win + I easy route on the off chance that you like) and peruse to Apps > Apps and highlights.

Utilize the hunt box or look down to find Google Drive. Click it, trailed by Uninstall, then, at that point, stroll through the moves toward eliminate Google Drive from your PC.

Whenever this is finished, you'll have to reinstall the application if you have any desire to begin synchronizing documents to this PC once more. 

Your Google Drive envelope will stay close by, yet it's cut off from your record.

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