How to Uninstall and Remove Google Drive From Your Mac

To disconnect Google Drive, you'll have to open the product. Notwithstanding, looking for it won't work, as this simply runs the application. 

All things considered, you'll have to click its symbol when the application is running.

On a Mac, you'll see a similar symbol in your menu bar at the highest point of the screen. Notwithstanding, 

the Google Drive symbol has no tones on its macOS application.

Before we clarify how for uninstall Google Drive from your macintosh, 

we ought to make reference to that the work area application for Google Drive has gone through maybe a couple names.

Uninstall Google Drive on a Mac The cycle to eliminate Google Drive from your Mac is very much like uninstalling some other macOS application. 

Open Finder and explore to the Applications envelope. On the off chance that you don't see it on the left sidebar, 

it's likewise accessible under Go > Applications on the menu bar, or by utilizing the easy route Shift + Cmd + A.

Inside Applications, find the Google Drive application and drag it to the Trash on your Dock, or right-click it and pick Move to Trash. 

This erases the application from your framework.

Assuming your Mac cautions that you really want to stop the application first, this is not difficult to do. 

Click the Google Drive symbol on your menu bar, trailed by the Settings gear-tooth. 

Then pick Quit from this menu to stop Google Drive. It should now uninstall easily.

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